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Welcome to Dress to Conquer, an apparel line of career clothes designed for stylish and professional women who want to rule the world while dressed beautifully in comfortable clothes.

About Us

Our Founder

About Carrie

Carrie, founder and CEO of Dress to Conquer, was tired of what she had to choose from for work clothes. The career clothes available were either too conservative, too uncomfortable, or too poorly made for today’s professional woman. Not only that, too many retailers cater to fit women with small frames, and pick fabrics that require a weekly trip to the dry cleaners.

In her frustration with work clothes for women, she saw an opportunity. Why not make career clothes that let women rule the world in clothes that are stylish, practical, and comfortable? 

Disrupting the way things have always been done is not new ground for Carrie. Carrie’s background is in education, where she led districts to challenge the old way of doing things and introduced new best practices to increase student learning. For nearly two decades, she has guided curriculums in a new direction and integrated new technology to enhance the way students learn. 

Now, she channels that disruptive and innovative energy into helping other professional women develop their careers. Her clothes are designed to let working women concentrate on what they are doing, not what they are wearing. She designs for real women who are changing business as usual but want to look stylish and feel comfortable while they do it. 

The Company

About Dress to Conquer

Dress to Conquer is a unique line of career clothes designed for professional women who want to dress beautifully and comfortably. We make our versatile styles from fabrics that stretch, breathe, and look stylish while you climb the corporate ladder. With flattering collars and necklines, Dress to Conquer combines best-dressed confidence with everyday ease. 

Our clothes are where luxury and coziness meet. From our unique jackets and blazers to coordinating power colors to work clothes that pair with boots, loafers, and flats, dressing for success has never been more relaxed. 

We believe that looking professional does not need to mean being uncomfortable. Dress to Conquer provides career clothes for women that let them rule the world in comfortable clothes that do not compromise style. 

At Dress to Conquer, we believe your career should be challenging. Dressing for it shouldn’t be.